Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2 - Lohamei Haghetaot - Ghetto Fighters' House

Today I had the opportunity to visit Lohamei Haghetaot, the Ghetto Fighters' House. This was my first visit here and I was very impressed with the museum and the way in which they work with groups of younger students. They have a seperate museum for children which teaches the lessons of the ghetto fighters and more importantly how these lessons are relevant to their world. My students reading this blog who have taken the course will recall a film we have watched entitled UPRISING. This film depicts very vividly how the Warsaw Ghetto resistance evolved amongst the Jews and how hard these individuals fought for survival and dignity. Lohamei Haghetaot was built by the ghetto fighters who survived and are depicted in the film. This museum is also a kibbutz and some of the surviving fighters live on this kibbutz today.

As I left Nahariya today, I left feeling the warmth and hospitality of the Jewish agency who hosted me. Mercedes, Liat, Noga, Yona, Gadi and Ravit took great care of me and opened their world to me which I will always treasure. I look forward to our continued work and to their upcoming visits to New Jersey.

Tomorrow I will be visiting Jerusalem with Shalmi and Olaf ! Olaf, our German guide for the trip is in Tel Aviv and will be joining us tomorrow for a first class tour with Shalmi !! The sunset picture below is from Shalmi's balcony! The city of Jerusalem is in the distance.


  1. Hi Colleen! I'm so happy to be reading your wonderful Blog!! I know all of the women you mentioned above :-) Did you give them my regards? They are all such fabulous women aren't they? Anyway, I'm glad all is going well, even working around the strike, and I'll write again soon!! I wish you continued success on your very special trip!! Oh, and have some fun!! Peace and love, Gale xxoo

  2. I think it's great how they treated you so well. I can't get over how beautiful it is there from your pictures.